Glue-up Lumber to Width
R & R Hardwood, Inc. has the milling capablities to take any lumber and glue it together with one or more pieces to make it any size needed for your woodworking project.

Cutting Lumber to Width
R & R Hardwood, Inc. can take any wide board and rip it into narrow peices to fit your project requirements.

Plane Lumber to Thickness
Need the lumber a 1/2" thinner? No problem, R & R Hardwood, Inc. has the capability of planing boards up to 24" wide.

Band Saw Work
If you have a need for special cut corbels, or scroll type cutting we can do it in our custom mill.

Shaper & Router Work
R & R Hardwood, Inc. can reproduce that moulding you can not find anymore when you're restoring that special project. Just bring us your sample and let us do the rest.

Custom Radius Stair Nosings
Doing a hardwood floor and need a stair nosing in a radius? Look no farther, our custom mill shop has made hundreds of curved nosing for flooring industry.

Custom Floor Reducers
Doing a hardwood floor or tile and have a transition problem? Do what most flooring contractors do, come to R & R Hardwood, Inc. and we will mill you a custom reducer to solve your height problem.

Stair Treads & Tread Ends (Radius & Straight)
Along with the custom nosings and reducers R & R Hardwood, Inc. can also mill solid 1" thick, any width, stair treads for your stairs. If you prefer carpet runners with wood stair end then we can mill them for you.

Any Special Milling Needs
If you have a special need for custom milling R & R Hardwood, Inc, is your place. All size jobs are welcomed "BIG or small."
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